Music Reviews: The Cranberry Show (@CranberryShow) – Paranormal Karaoke

Milwaukee, WI – The Cranberry Show is an alternative hip-hop group from Milwaukee, WI. In a short amount of time, [The Cranberry Show] have become very well known internationally (website visits from Japan, Germany, London, and The Netherlands and radio play in London, The Netherlands, and South Africa) as well as on many college campuses throughout the Midwest. [The Cranberry Show] have been able to work closely with Lupe Fiasco‘s record label, 1st and 15th, and have also been sponsored by a number of both major and up-and-coming clothing companies. The album Paranormal Karaoke follows the releases: “Gurlz Like” Single – August 2010, “Sex And Pencil Shavings” LP – August 31, 2010 and “I’m Horny” Single – August 2010.

The Cranberry Show drops a 10 track album in conjunction with and DonutsandMilk. The opening explodes with techno and guitar rifts and a memorable lyric: “they like damn I never thought you’d make it through the summer, but here we are against all odds like even numbers” in “Secret Confidence.” The previously released singles “Traffic Lights” and “Sail” created a buzz for the album, but they weren’t enough to predict the vibe of Paranormal Karaoke.

Describing Paranormal Karaoke in one phrase, a Hip Hop symphony. The track “Cinema,” which fades sampling the Motown hit by Rockwell “Somebody’s Watching Me” cleverly gives the group’s perspective on approaching a girl. The young admirers add humor to stalking the opposite sex, “damn restraining orders is killing us.”

After listening to the album multiple times it seems the story is told in acts without distinctly noting intermissions. “Ayo who let the wack kids in?” this eclectic group expands on the “nerdy rapper” image such as: Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell and Childish Gambino.  Listen to the singles “Traffic Lights” and “Sail” and download the album below.

Traffic Lights


>>> Download here

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