Editorial: Adele Is Sick of Being the “Bitter Witch;” Will Never Write About a Break-Up Again

We have all seen it. The young, wronged singers voice their heartbreak in a proverbial record, which becomes the hit heard ’round the world. Alanis Morissette in Jagged Little Pill, Janet Jackson in Velvet Rope and now Adele in 21.

But will the singer have success without the current recipe? Adele has proven to the world her undeniable talents during this past Grammy celebration by winning six awards and captivating the LA Staples Center. But, the record 21 admittedly by Adele intended to get over a break-up.

According to Vogue, the Grammy “poster-child” said, “If I ever see my dad again I will spit in his face.” Which triggered a response from Evans (father): “I can’t believe she said that. It’s devastating. I don’t know where it’s come from.”

The harsh words from Adele derived from the Brit star’s childhood. Evans walked out on young Adele, sold a story to “The Sun” (UK tabloid) discussing his alcoholism and split from her mother Penny.

The famed vocalist shared with NME she intends to take four to five years off to make a “happy record.” But in light of her childhood and trend of blasting males who have wronged her, I predict this will be material for another successful Adele album. Grammy’s 2013. Adele errythang.

One thought on “Editorial: Adele Is Sick of Being the “Bitter Witch;” Will Never Write About a Break-Up Again

  1. Loved this! I had heard Rolling in the Deep on the radio, but after her performance on Sunday I bhguot the album . It’s now on my laptop, iP-gadgets. I made my family listen to it last night and all, including my 4 1/2 year daughter were be-bopping to the song. She is an amazing talent and good for her for not wasting a rubbish relationship!


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