Editorial: Is Whitney Houston a Hero? Flag Raises Controversy

Just when you thought the negative association of the late, great vocalist would end. Quick recap.

Newark, NJ – Gov. Chris Christie announced he would fly the American flag at half-staff during Whitney Houston’s funeral as the chapel filled with mourners.

In Gov. Christie’s defense this was a highly emotional time for all especially those home to the very streets Houston was raised and cherished. However, there is a federal “flag code” that only reserves such tribute to public officials and government from their state. According to USA Today, an overwhelming 77% sided with the “flag code” by stating their non-support for Gov. Christie’s decision. The general critique is as follows:

“By diminishing the ideal of heroism,” they write, “we keep ourselves from confronting the older, more demanding forms of this ideal. We do not have to challenge ourselves to see if, when faced with a situation that called for courage, we would meet that test.”

CNN opinion gives:

“But I don’t remember any politician embracing her as “New Jersey’s daughter” after she did her embarrassing “crack is wack” interview with Diane Sawyer, after she checked into rehab, or after Brown was charged with physically abusing her.”

Was this a true admiration by Gov. Christie? Or political rouse? Although I agree with reserving such an honor for men and women of government distinction, I am amazed by the cultural impact this woman from Newark, New Jersey had has on a nation.


One thought on “Editorial: Is Whitney Houston a Hero? Flag Raises Controversy

  1. By Louie Mac, February 12, 2012 at 12:58 amThis was so sad to hear about today. In my opinion, Whitney’s voice in her prime will iaremn unmatched. She had awesome range, vocal power, but besides that she had the prettiest tone to her voice (which can’t be taught, either you have it or you don’t). It broke my heart to see the very media that tore her down every chance they could, get on CNN and tell everyone who would listen how iconic she was. People should hear more of that while they’re alive to benefit from it. I pray her mother and daughter find peace today. R.I.P. Whiney Houston =(.


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