Editorial: London, Paris…Where We Going Next? Diddy Reveals Music Cable Channel

Hip Hop Mogul, Sean Combs is going for the spot on cable television. Combs revealed Tuesday his plans for a music/news channel called, Revolt. According to the NY Post:

The network, named Revolt, will be a “platform for artists to reach an extraordinary number of people” through music videos, live performances and interviews, Combs said in a press release. He developed the channel alongside former MTV programming chief Andy Schuon.

Combs said Revolt, a would-be rival to MTV, will be “live, like all great moments in television history” and “immediate, like today’s social networks.” It is expected to launch in 2013. It is no surprise that the “hip hop monopoly” man would make his mark in such a large fashion. Diddy has had his fair share of behind the scenes television experience from producing MTV’s “Making The Band: Da Band.” But, will he follow fail in Oprah’s footsteps? Either way this is great for Sean Combs and great for Hip Hop.

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