Editorial: The Night I Gained Respect For Drake; Club Paradise Tour [Recap]

Oklahoma City, OK – Fans came in droves to see the twenty-five year old Young Money Cash Money rapper, Drake. Approximately 12,500 would fill the Chesapeake Arena to claim their seat in Club Paradise. The openers, A$ap Rocky and Kendrick Lamar, created hysteria for an overjoyed reception of the headliner.

Prior to last night, my perception of Drake was an unoriginal, biting rapper. Am I completely convinced otherwise? Well, no. But, I have gained respect for his love of music. From performing “Crew Love” and “Over,” Drake’s antics of jumping around the stage was infectious and engaged the entire arena. “Shoutout to the fact that I’m the youngest nigga doin’ it!” I watched as goers lived their life in that one moment.

During the final set Drake was framed with white lighting, an a-line tank and a mic stand, singing: “I’m just sayin’ you could do better…” dressed in simple black with gold chains. Not the flashy style we would all expect. It seemed as if the young rapper was attempting to appear modest and relate to the common man.

The humorous, funny side we rarely see reared his comical head last evening. “If you a real nigga make some noise…you can be white…asian and be a real nigga. Now that we got that out the way. If you a real nigga make some noise.” With laughter I watched as race vanished and was shaded in with Hip Hop culture.

Drizzy made his “last call” by individually thanking fans. Similarly to Jay-Z, he wrapped the show pointing out supporters in the crowd by their clothes, etc. “I see you in the OVOXO shirt. I like the colors…we haven’t made those yet but it’s cool” adding light humor while expressing his love for the fans and admiration for one of Hip Hop’s praised rappers, Jay-Z.

The night I respected Drake. I saw the fan; not the man.

photo credit: ruben rivera

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