Music Reviews: Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Allderdice

March 14th – The highly anticipated mixtape from Taylor Gang leader, Wiz Khalifa crash landed (literally…crashed the site with eager fans downloading in tandem). Taylor Allderdice, arguably inspired by Taylor Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh, hosts features from mostly in-house; such as, Chevy Woods, Juicy J and introducing Lola Monroe. Also, production from house includes: Big Jerm, Cardo, Sledgren.

Riding music. If you missed the old Wiz feel free to reminisce with Taylor Allderdice.

Khalifa seemed to garner disapproval from his “true fans” after he signed with Atlantic Records. But this record seems to re-hash (pun-intended) why he’s credible. It’s a slippery slope maintaining the elements that are Khalifa’s claim to fame (weed) while being paired with a multi-billion dollar company (Atlantic), which has corporate partners.

Hosted by Rob Markman…?

Honestly the Rob Markman interview throughout the tape was a bit distracting for me. Is it innovative to replace a DJ with a Journalist? Or completely boring? A very thin line.  I like to listen straight through without a constant philosophical standpoint on how the music is affecting everyone. Stop…it…now.

 But let’s give credit where credit is due.

The “concept” of smoking weed over futuristic beats was coined by Wiz and continues to be a cash crop {shrugs}.

“All I need is mary, mary, mary. I ain’t f—-‘ wit no other drug.” on “Mary 3x.” The hook may be simple, but the kids love it. “I remember puttin’ weed in my videos. N—-s thought I was insane. Now when I turn on the video I see the exact same thing.”

Probably the most memorable interview/interlude when Markman addresses the Pop rap critique, “So, you’re a Pop rapper?” Wiz responds, “yeah I’m a Pop rapper. I’ll pop up and make 5 million dollars.” as a segway into the pop record of the tape “The Cruise.”

This might be the final straw for me.

The whole chip on the shoulder raps are full of struggle. We get it. Your integrity in the Burg is based on being “real” which is hard to do when you have a lot of money. It’s like soap box raps. Okay, you have a lot of haters now. But, why address them on every song? What am I really listening to…? I don’t know. Hit the download at your own discretion.

>>>Download here

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