Music Reviews: Add-2 (@Add2TheMC) – Save.Our.Souls [Track By Track]

The quality has only improved.

Despite the delay the buzz worthy Save.Our.Souls presented by LRG maintains relevance. Thus far, the Chicagoan emcee has released the following tapes: Tale of Two’s City Vol.1 (2005), Add-2 Presents Tale of Two’s City Vol.2: The Return of the Menace (2007), Coast 2 Coast Exclusives 5 Add-2 (2008), Okayplayer & 2Dopeboyz Present Tale of Two’s City Vol.3: The Rise & Fall (2009), Okayplayer & 2Dopeboyz Present Tale of Two’s City Vol.4: Better Days (2010) and One Missed Call (2011) making Save.Our.Souls lucky number seven. The production includes: 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Trebles And Blues, Marcus Banks and others.

I spoke to Add-2 last December as he was coming off the heels of the mixtape One Missed Call and the Common cosign, which can be heard below in the Ghetto Dreams freestyle:

He warned this project would be controversial:

It’s more focused…I’m addressing a lot of issues. It’s very controversial. Others have said this will be the one to set me apart as an artist.”

So here it is track-by-track:

01. The Real Back feat. Franco DeLeon on guitar | prod. by Antman Wonder

The familiar Jazz and Blues influence Add-2 provides does not miss here or throughout the tape. In the intro “The Real Back,” which incorporates live instrumentation in the form of guitar, the emcee explains the delay “I’m sorry for wait, but I had to straighten out the kinks like a perm.” He sets the tone for the mixtape with fruition of his place in Hip Hop.

02. Bring ‘Em Out | prod. by Antman Wonder

It is hard to believe Antman Wonder also produced Bring ‘Em Out, the king kong drums and horns are major. Bring Em Out reminds me of Friday night lights or a Pep rally. The hook is infectious and Add inserts his go-go flow and explodes in all the right places.

03. Going, Going, Gone feat. Deejay Juice | prod. by 9th Wonder

A 9th Wonder production is always untouched. The vibe of beat is similar to another track by 9th Wonder, Sunday; considering the vocals by Deejay Juice. “You can either prove ’em wrong or you can prove ’em right. I chose the first.” Add-2 lightly tells his story, but makes it something you can groove to.

04. Cotton Fields | prod. by D-man

Cotton Fields alludes to the frustration of the music industry, societal and racial issues. “Put on your J’s you’re still a slave though you got a deal.” Offering knowledge and perspective in the hook, “Ain’t nothin’ changed since the days on the cotton fields.”  D-Man loops a riveting speech which encompasses the record.

05. One Of Dem Girls feat. Slot-A | prod. by J-Rell

A fun track. Considering the content it could arguably Hoes Got Feelings Too meets the tempo of Sweat Ya Perm Out off Tale Of Two’s City Vol. 3: The Rise and Fall.

06. Watermelon | prod. by Thelonius Martin

The hook alone might ruffle a few feathers: “I should call it watermelon because all my niggas love it.Add dissects the current trends in Hip Hop; such as, YG‘s hook on Racks on Racks and Kreshawn‘s approach on Gucci, Gucci.

07. Work It Out | prod. by IlL Meel

Work It Out produced by IlL Meel sounds like Earth, Wind and Fire invaded a Hip Hop cypher.

08. Love Jones feat. John David Provitt | prod. by Treble And Blues

Love Jones produced by Trebles And Blues might be a favorite for women due to the references of  the 90s romantic comedy, Love Jones.

09. Sunday Morning | prod. by FC The Truth

Add-2 shows a different side throughout the tape with melodic hooks as heard here. “Everybody wanna go to heaven, but don’t nobody wanna die.Sunday Morning is full of real raps cleverly aligned; Add is definitely reaching for the stars on this record.

10. Show Out | prod. by Quasare

Unfortunately Show Out is only two minutes. I was bouncing, lol. Punchlines and quick flow. I wonder if we’ll get the third verse?

11. Mic Jack | prod. G-Way

You should listen in your car with high volume. Mic Jack is just as the title claims. Add-2Kanye‘s” wack rappers for roughly four minutes. A notable line and possible nod to Big L: “f*ck you and every single follower who follows you…’cause when your daddy came she shoulda been on her knees tryna swallow you.

12. Keep Walkin’ feat. Sundown | prod. Khrysis

Khrysis uses two loops to design the record. Heat. It’s mean enough to not have a hook. Just straight running on the beat. Not a favorite; just decent.

13. All The Kings/FTP | prod. by Prophecy/The Antydote

All The Kings, upbeat and similar content to J. Cole’s Lights Please.

I recently posted FTP here. Maybe not an official song for the Trayvon Martin case, referred to as a tragedy by Pres. Obama here. But it definitely flirts with the idea. “Middle finger to the crooked cops, middle finger to the crooked chiefs….” Read More here

14. Yearbook feat. Simeon Viltz | prod. by Mydus

Essence. The record reminisces over 90’s with samples of Pharcyde and travels down memory lane of school days; including, love flings, rockin’ FUBU and day dreaming about raps in class.

15. Yellow Light | prod. by Antman Wonder

Oh you a rapper n*gga? I can’t get jiggy wit this sh*t.” The ending of Next Friday is comical.

16. I Hate I Love You | prod. by FC The Truth

Another track by FC The Truth. A lovers quarrel; and singing on the hook.

17. Modern Day Coons | prod. by Marcus Banks

I’m going to go out on record saying Modern Day Coons is the most controversial record of the year. Add-2 garnered attention via the social web by exposing the exploitation accepted by black America. Also, initiated a conversation between he and Nas as he also shared, “And I didn’t even notice Nas…he had a hoodie pulled over then jumped in the conversation like, “Yo, what was that joint you was just talkin’ about?…C’mon man you gotta break it down for me.

18. Loosing Me feat. Nida Nasheeda

A rap monologue featuring soft vocals from Nida Nasheeda. Scenes unfold from the troubles and pain about life and death. “You only scared to die when you ain’t living [life] right.” The skeleton of the beat in tandem with Add‘s rhythm gives an Eminem or 2Pac feel.

19. Won’t Do/My Uncles Words | prod. by Boam Beats/Ken B

Wont Do/My Uncles Words is the deepest we’ve heard Add. He reveals loosing his uncle; I suspect that is him playing the piano.


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