Music Reviews: Slum Village & Mick Boogie – The Dirty Slums

R.I.P Dilla.

Mick Boogie and Slum Village explode with a noteworthy Dilla breakdown for a solid minute. Features from Rapper Big Pooh, Vice, Big Sean, Black Milk, De La Soul and many others created a well blended journey easily mistaken for a reprise compilation.Each transitions is smooth; yet, clearly defined each track and artist.

Rappity raps — fair amount of word play, metaphors and vocabulary draws ears in and pierces them the same. The billed single Turnin’ Me Off; which I still argue is a Bonita Applebum alternate version, is by far the best executed sample. However, it does not encompass the many different facets of the tape.

Also, a bit of history with interludes discussing Slum Village evolution, the formation of Slum Vill through J. Dilla and beyond. It was great to catch up with Slum and those heavily influenced by their music. Download The Dirty Slums here.

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