Music: Sir Michael Rocks – Premier Politics 1.5 (Mixtape)


One half of the Cool Kids, Sir Michael Rocks, drops Premier Politics 1.5 a most likely bottled up tracks that didn’t make Premier Politics initial release last fall. Download 1.5 after the track list.

01. Antidote (Prod. by Brandun DeShay)
02. Chill (Ft. Like of Pac Div) (Prod. by Sunny Norway)
03. Face Down (Ft. DJ Thunder) (Prod. by Tye Hill)
04. Hit A Lick (Ft. Tris J & Shorty K) (Prod. by Tye Hill)
05. Pick Of The Month (Prod. by The Warriors)
06. Checkin’ (Ft. Shorty K) (Prod. by Cardo)
07. Pajama Pants (Prod. by Cardo)
08. Alive & High (Prod. by Cookin’ Soul)
09. Out The Jam (Ft. Chuck Inglish) (Prod. by Monsta Beats)
10. New Dress (Ft. Shorty K) (Prod. by Brandun DeShay)
11. Point Of View (Prod. by Tye Hill)
12. Imagine (Prod. by Cardo)
13. BONUS: Slice [Remix] (Prod. by Tye Hill)

>>>Download here

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