Editorial: Culture Sales, J Dilla’s Vinyl Collection Pending Retail

Today Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, the mother of the late Hip-Hop producer James Dewitt Yancey or J Dilla is seeking authentication from the Royal Oak record store for her son’s vinyl collection. According to the owner, J Dilla stashed the vinyl estimated to be 7,000-8,000 records in an abandoned Clinton Township storage unit.

J Dilla saved a lot of records in the building; but, when he heard the spot would be shut down due to unpaid bills he requested the records be shipped to his LA home.

According to Detroit News, Jeff Bubeck co-owner of Royal Oaks stumbled upon the contents addressed to J Dilla last month:

Bubeck started selling the records, tagged with stickers that identified it as part of Dilla‘s personal record collection, earlier this week. He made attempts to reach out to Dilla‘s family and the J Dilla Foundation over the last month but had come up empty-handed.

Since the story  was made public Bubeck has been in the crossfire of unapologetic fans. Bubeck defends: “It’s beyond annoying.” “To say the least, I’m a little anxiety-ridden.”

However, Ms. Yanceysays she’s “not on the same page” with those complaining:

“I’m not upset. I feel like it was a blessing if they really are Dilla‘s,” she said. “I’m not angry about it at all. I’m grateful. (Bubeck) has done nothing wrong, he just acquired something that seemed to be useful to a lot of people.”

Bubeck and Ms. Yancey will look over the collection to determine if they are J Dilla‘s. If so, they plan to create an authenticity for the records. Bubeck plans to donate some of the proceeds from the sale to Dilla‘s family and the J Dilla Foundation. 

Ms. Yancey seems optimistic: “There are good things that can come about from this.”

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