Music Reviews: Big K.R.I.T – Live From The Underground [Album]

Last Tuesday, Def Jam artist Big K.R.I.T released his first major studio album, Live From The Underground. The album is stacked with 16 tracks harboring live instrumentation and features from 2Chainz, Ludacris, Bun B, 8Ball, MJG, Melanie Fiona, the legendary B.B King and many others.

Live From The Underground is a southern, trunk rattling, syrup cup of slurred words with missing suffixes. The hyperactive lead singles: “I Got This” and “Yeah Dats Me” conjured an early prognosis of a club ready, summertime soundtrack. Straight-forward raps on My Sub (Part 2), “I done cut up my bang and I shook up the stars” an alternate ending for the previous cut from the mixtape, Return of 4Eva.

4Eva N A Day was more conceptual, it was all concept – it was a day in my life, utilizing everything from instruments to conversations with people and making a whole body of work. I think Live From The Underground is a brighter album than all the other ones. It’s not as dark per se, with some of the content and I chose that because I’m not as sad as I was. Now I’m feeling a little bit better, I’m on tour and I know the music is getting to people. I enjoy performing a lot, so I know the music is gonna translate great when we put a live band behind it and go hit the road…[HHDX]

-Big K.R.I.T

Big K.R.I.T is Pimp C, reincarnated. A clear influence of the late rapper is evident in K.R.I.T’s speech, content and production. However, Mississippi herald has successfully defined a style of his own with unexpected pop samples and introspective content on the aberrant debut tape, K.R.I.T Wuz Here. Big K.R.I.T or the “blues rapper” is somewhat perceived as an indentured rapper on the tunes: “Live From The Underground (Reprise),” “Praying Man” and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Live From The Underground is less progressive than his early projects: K.R.I.T Was Here and Return of 4Eva. Live From The Underground available on iTunes.

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