Music: Naledge – #GoNaledgeGo [Free Album]

Naledge drops a primer for Chicago Picasso 2. The latest installment occupies 14-tracks featuring Rapper Big Pooh, Chip Tha Ripper, Vic Spencer and others. Grab below the track list.01. “In Brain We Trust” (Featuring Vic Spencer)
02. “D.U.I.”
03. “I Know, Hater”
04. “Change ‘N Thangs”
05. “Cufflinks and Dress Shoes” (Featuring Rapper Big Pooh & Bad Lucc)
06. “Stop Trickin’” (Featuring Chip Tha Ripper)
07. “Feed The Fam” (Featuring Vic Spencer & Tiaramy)
08. “Big Worm”
09. “10 Toes” Freestyle
10. “The Change” (Featuring Rapper Big Pooh, Verbs & Carlitta Durand)
11. “Rubies” (Featuring Tree & Paypa of Project Mayhem)
12. “Ride Around Shinin’” Freestyle (Featuring Fooch The MC)
13. “Rosé Clicquot” Freestyle
14. “She Poppin’” (Featuring DJ MoonDawg)

>>>Download here

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