12 Questions I Ask Myself at a Rap Show

Rap Decoded by the Overthinker

One of the common rituals we endure in our 20 somethings are rap shows. They’re a nice break from the club/no-life young people encounter due to being freshly educated and broke. Somewhere amongst the remembrance of friends, booze and dope beats, our minds are plagued with acute-amnesia and we forget our vivid inner-monologue.

1. If the doors open at 10, why are we still in line half-past the hour?

2. I wonder if that’s the girl I cut off to park close to the entrance?

3. She just looked at my car; then me. Did she connect the dots?

4. What happens if my friends and I get separated?

5. Should I hang with those Hip Hop purists who probably have a vinyl player in their Tahoe?

6. Or those hipsters with the glow-in-the-dark medallions? Ooh, shiny…

7. Cool shirts..ten bucks? No problem. You sold the last small? But, I’m the first person here…how is this possible? Never mind -_-

8. Why is the bar so far from the bathroom?

9. Why does liquor run through me faster than Usain Bolt’s finish line?

10. Is that the V.I.P; or, a bunch of couches pushed together? I need a new couch…

11. How do you become an opener for an opener’s opener, anyway?

12. Ahh! Its starting! Okay, how do I slip to the front?

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