Recap: 9th Wonder and Rapsody Perform In Greensboro

Greensboro, NC – 27 September 2012. Face to Face, SynerG and Greensboro Jaycees produced the 2nd annual Show Of Hands featuring live performances by 9th Wonder, Rapsody, King MeZ and more. The concert was part of a four day musical festival, Greensborofest.

I arrived at 8:05 pm (the show started at 6 pm) #GradSchoolStruggle, smh.
Still, I caught the last act. By this time, the crowd was thickening more and more as 9th Wonder spun the wheels. Meanwhile, I managed to claim an open space in the far right corner, at the foot of the stage. After the opening poem off The Idea Of Beautiful, voiced by Big Rube, Rapsody took the stage.

“When I say Culture Over, y’all say Everything,” Rapsody addressed the crowd. She sprinkled a few earlier tracks: “Blankin’ Out” and “All Black Everything;” also, performed a rendition of the 1990 Hip-Hop record, “Can I Kick It?” by A Tribe Called Quest.

The most received track was “Believe Me,” with an undoubtedly “Lauryn Hill inspired” hook: “Believe me, frontin’ n****s give me heebeegeebees,” as the crowd shouted and swayed to the 9th’ produced beat. The first track performed off The Idea Of Beautiful was “Non-Fiction.” Albeit, without the track’s featured TDE member: Ab-Soul; Rapsody rocked her lyrical verse with no signs of ambivalence. Other tracks performed included “The Drums” and “Kind Of Love.” Rapsody proved that she was not just a name beside 9th Wonder. Rapsody proved that she is an emcee.

Beat Street.
The show was nestled comfortably on Spring Garden and Edgeworth streets. Rightfully so, Show of Hands hoarded fans of Hip-Hop, food trucks and vendors; additionally, provided an opportunity for attendees to register to vote in the November election.

More photos here

3 thoughts on “Recap: 9th Wonder and Rapsody Perform In Greensboro

  1. Malinda: With a collection of solid projects (free ones, may I add) rounding out her catalogue, North Carolina-repping emcee Rapsody is finally readying the release of her debut album, The Idea Of Beautiful. And just to give weight to our high expectations, she delivers the LP’s first single with “Non-Fiction”, a lively and soulful jam steered by the mastery of Jamla’s head producer 9th Wonder, and helped along by the sweet croons of Raheem DeVaughn and a standout verse from Black Hippy’s evermore popular Ab-Soul.


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