Music: Grip – Bernie Mac


Atlanta rapper @Grip_ss drops Bernie Mac a year after the LP, Porch. He enters the track and confidently says:

Uh, one of the best in my city my nig, so why lie?
Only nigga’s fuckin’ with me is J.I.D and CyHi

Grip shares his frustration with being labeled a conscious rapper and culture vultures. His hunger reminds me of what Kobe Bryant said in a recent interview with Nick Saban. He speaks of using “coming off the bench” as motivation. Essentially Kobe said he would work so hard until he is undeniably better than former guards Nick Van Excel and Eddie Jones. Bryant continues:

“The process. Loving the process, loving the daily grind of it and putting the puzzle together,” Bryant said, referring back to what got him through his benching. “It seems like this generation seems to be really concerned with the end result of things versus understanding and appreciating the journey to get there, which is the most important thing. The trials and tribulations that come along with it.”

Check out the full interview below.

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