Ari Lennox – “Grampa” + “40 Shades of Choke”

Two for one. Dreamville artist, Ari Lennox, drops two sensual records just in time for cuffin’ season. “Grampa,” is a soul effervescent and funk montage backed by timely horns accompanied by Lennox’s jazzy delivery. Ari shares the frustration of a mundane lover. “Why you gotta be a Grampa, let a girl come and see you.”

Ari offers the female perspective in “40 Shades of Choke.” The song is a fanatical freaky tale of bedroom bliss painting a picture of intimate scenes similar to 40 Shades of Grey. The chopped and screwed loop gives an H-town vibe partnered with a Badu-like hook — the perfect hip hop/soul marriage.

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