Video: Azealia Banks – “212”

Released last year but may be the reason the once indie artist is now signed. Full of brash vernacular accompanied by a mickey mouse sweater and weave pig tails this big city inhabitant, Harlem, NY to be exact, raps very closely to Nicki Minaj and Santigold. Azealia shares with SPIN:

“Now that I’ve signed my deal [with Universal], it’s kinda like I don’t need the fucking Internet,” she jokes. But she totally means it, too: “Like, whatever, I get [why you’d want to remain indie],” she explains, “but if you have a good lawyer, you can figure your shit out, get a good-ass deal, and do it the way you want to do it.” Her swaggering, confident rant almost reads like a verse from one of her songs: “You don’t have to be on an indie label and eat ramen and make an album on some bullshit-ass mic in some dirty basement,” she declares, with a dismissive laugh. “Like, y’all can have that shit.”

Check out the visual for “212” below.

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