Music: Bassnectar “Vava Voom” feat. Lupe Fiasco

“[Lupe] was doing this crazy double-meaning story over the track, talking about hypnosis while waving his arms in the air as if casting a spell,” Bassnectar explains. “‘Vava Voom’ is where life shifts into time-warp speed, but you find yourself in an almost slow-motion trance.”

It is clear that the dubstep wave is crashing into Hip Hop, not only from “Dub-Hop. A New Wave Crashes Sound Barriershere; but, in this vivacious track with DJ/producer of house music infused with sonics, Bassnectar.

According to Rolling Stones:

California DJ-producer Bassnectar will release his next album, Vava Voom, on April 10th, with a spring tour to follow. Bassnectar teamed up with Lupe Fiasco to record the LP’s single “Vava Voom,” seeking the sweet spot that merges dubstep and hip-hop.

>>>Listen here

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