Music Submission: @Almost_Always – “She” feat. @LloyderAdams

The second single off the duo Almost Always‘ debut EP Failed Utopia. Definitely a complex record with a soft electronic hip hop feel provided by the production half of the duo, Corey Arnell, paired with the brash tone of Curbside Jones; nicely bound with an R&B sound credited to Jake Lloyd. Listen to Almost Always‘ “She” below their personal note:

In life we as humans build the perfect mate from scratch in our heads. The more we think of this person the more familiar they become to us, almost as if they were real. In that familiarity we become accustomed to looking for someone that fits our ideology of “perfection”. In the end we can’t obtain the very thing we created, because “perfect” doesn’t exist…so are we chasing dreams? Or are we chasing hope in perfection?

Download here

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