Music Reviews: Big K.R.I.T – 4Eva N A Day

Big K.R.I.T created social media hysteria with the “follow-up” to  The Return Of 4Eva or R4. The expected message raps are delivered with a familiar southern drawl. However, the most impressive “Boobie Miles” which features vocals from Krizzle sums up the messages of internal conflict of winning against all odds, “the only difference between a winner and a loser is a winner plays until he wins.”

Do not get me wrong. Truth is evident in “If you ain’t for your own people, what you raise your fist for?” on “4EvaNaDay (Theme).” But will the “message raps” become too predictable?

“Imagine how you feel? You work hard and you educated and they act like you ain’t  never made it”

The major difference between 4Eva N A Day and R4 is the budget. Live instrumentation helped depict the Mississippi hometown hero with class and growth. I just hope Big K.R.I.T quickly transitions into a more developed songwriter. It seems he is in the early (more comfortable) stage by writing about his personal accounts, which could grow old very quickly. Maybe he’s saving all the goodness for his Def Jam debut? What do y’all think?

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