Future: “Heard that beamer was a loaner, her old man the owner..” Here’s what you didn’t hear

Rap Decoded by the Overthinker

First of all Future, I underestimated your romantic side. I mean a ‘subconscious song’ for her? So sweet. I’m sure she’s flattered by you singing her praises in an mp3 confession.

“You heard she keep her promises and never turn on you? Heard she ain’t gone cheat and she gon never make no move? And heard she be there anytime you need’er, she come through?”…what have you not heard though?

“Turn on the lights, you’re lookin for her?” But think about this logically Future. Who hides in the dark, anyway? Oh yeah, crazy people.

You “heard that beamer was a loaner? Her old man’s the owner?” This is an unstable economy, maybe she’s being conservative with her income? OR she’s Sybill and her old man’s in the trunk. People do desperate things when their money gets funny. I wouldn’t joke about these things…check the statistics.

You know what else is funny..? Why don’t we know her name? You’ve heard of her; so, everybody must be talking about her. Yet no one knows her name?

I’ll tell you what her name is Future. Trouble. “If you get her number you can’t wait to dial it?” Spoiler alert. It’s going to be a collect call…

In retrospect, she already has your number. Social Security number, that is. Take my advice Future. Stop looking. Run.

2 thoughts on “Future: “Heard that beamer was a loaner, her old man the owner..” Here’s what you didn’t hear

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